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Plentea Tea Bar
Plentea Tea BarPublished on August 10, 2021

Life is complicated, choosing your tea doesn't have to be. We are all about making life easy for you. Not only do we drop off teas to your door, we also have a free beautiful VIVA Scandinavia mug up for grabs. One lucky winner, out of the subscribers who join in August, will have a chance to own the tea steeper mug below! Announcement to be made September 6th sooo HURRY!

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BIG NEWS... It's finally here! With your help we have created 3 subscription kits that are designed for tea lovers by tea lovers. Each subscription kit arrives on your doorstep monthly, anywhere in North America. We're dedicated to being part of your life long-term, so the kits will be updated each month to keep them both fresh and seasonal. Subscribe now and stay tuned for some excited collabs with other local businesses.

Exciting news from our founder in the video below:

You can easily learn more about the kits here and subscribe to them here.

Your support is always key for small businesses like ours! If you think our box can benefit a friend, neighbour or family member please share our kits with them.

As always we are always accessible to ask questions feel free to email us or DM us on Instagram we will get back to you ASAP.

We encourage you to Make your own New Patterns... go ahead subscribe now.

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