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Beauty and Covid 19

Mary-Antonia Taylor
Mary-Antonia TaylorPublished on May 04, 2021

" I don't really bother with make up unless I am going on zoom", " What's the point in putting make up on when my mask is just going to rub it off?" , " NO- ONE can see my make up anyway, I just don't feel myself". These sentences are just some of the sentiments we can all relate to due to the Covid-19.

Experimenting at home.

The pandemic has changed so many aspects of our life, how we communicate, how we socialise, our jobs how and where we now work, and yes how we cut our hair, do our make up and our beauty care and also lets take into account the environment this is effecting everything.

As I am in hair, beauty and ,make up industry I have been so interested in the changes I have witnessed. With all salons, barbers and spas having to close due to social distancing regulations many of us women, men and children included we have been forced to experiment and change or personal care routines.

In this day and age we have many resources at our fingertips to be able experiment and learn how to do self care, make up, beauty treatments at home. Even with just the growth of social media and platforms like You Tube which you can actually watch training videos on " how to ", on Instagram you have some of the top make up artist giving away their tips and guidance on creating a make up look. We have become more confident to experiment our health and beauty routines.

Research shows that at-home treatments women have been trying are:

Manicures and Pedicures 49%

Facials 42%

Hair Colouring 26%

Anti Aging Treatments 24%

Hair Cuts 22%

Teeth Whitening 22%.

Previously these treatments would have always been done by professionals and I believe we in the past did not feel confident enough to attempt to do the treatments at home. However now more than ever we are. Women are sharing success stories of colouring their hair at home, getting that golden tan, manicured nails, home pedicures using foot masks that cost as little as £1 per pack.

However, I have found bearing in mind we have been abbe to find a way through Covid 19 to make us feel better within the circumstances. A majority are excited to get back to having professional treatments , done by professionals in a professional environment.

Make up trends during Covid 19

Another interesting point of view is , while women are wearing less make up at home they are feeling more confident doing this. Lower maintenance looks are the popular go to currently.

Research shows during 'stay at home':

22% are wearing the same amount of make up

21% say they are wearing no make up.

47% less make up

8% more make up

2% never wore make up.

I was in the 21% of no make up even for zooms for work and I only out make up on for my Instagram make up looks . what percentage where you in ? and what were your reasons?.

Further to this research the 47% said they were doing this while trying out a new look and only when they were leaving the house, 30% said they will for video calls with family/friends, and 25% will wear make up for work video calls.

Over half the women collectively said they were wearing make up as it made them feel good and more confident. The respondents that were not wearing make up, 31% said they did not see the point as well they were not seeing anyone, 29% used the opportunity to let their skin breathe and 25% said they were more focused on their skin care.

The top cosmetics that women are considering to be essential to purchase now are inn order , lip balms at the top of the list, mascara, foundations, concealer and eyeliner.

Hair styling techniques

Hair is just as interesting , researched showed some changes in hair care. I mean the pandemic highlighted more the ever the relationship between client and their hairdresser. Over 50% of people said they were washing their hair same as they did pre-pandemic, 23% said they were washing their hair less and 10% were washing their hair more.

41% said they were styling their hair about the same as they were pre-pandemic, a third said they were styling their hair less, and 16% more.

The trends in styles were changing with ponytails, buns, air drying and natural waves being at the forefront. As well as dry shampoos, hair serums and hair sprays being a large contributor to no fuss styling routines.

Bearing in mind that many feel wearing makeup and hair styling is pointless while social distancing. There are many women who are not giving up on their beauty routines for many reasons firstly that sense of normality, also it's because it makes them feel good and confident or because they’re connecting with friends, family, and co-workers virtually and still want to look their best.

For me I feel there is no surprise that due to the pandemic, we have altered how we use beauty products and re-invented our daily routines. Women have embraced more DIY treatments, tips, and tricks, even created our own. BY being more bold and experimental with new looks, We have mastered how we can simplify our styling, yet still feel positive. As cities and salons begin to reopen, only time will tell which of these routines and habits will stick and how many changes will last for longer if not forever?

I hope you enjoyed my first blog, I really wanted to start with addressing Covid 19. I would be really interested to know your thoughts on this blog and the areas I have addressed.

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