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Pauls Pujats
Seattle, WA, USA

I’m an Olympic pole vaulter and entrepreneur. Currently building a marketplace where customers can book highly rated Complementary and Alternative medicine services for their unresolved health concerns.

In 2020 I was in my peak physical shape, training for my second Olympic Games when suddenly the pandemic hit, and my options to train became limited due to the shutdown. I had to work and train at the same time, which resulted in stress overload. My nervous system couldn’t take it, and I developed heart palpitations and had to stop training.

I tried to find the solution with standard medical care. I did many tests and scans for over a year, and they all came back normal - I was left with no solution.

I’m fortunate to know Alternative medicine practitioners in Reiki, Shamanism, and eastern yoga, who healed me! And this is why I’m creating CureSpace - for those who are left without a solution, just like I was.

I help individuals to regain their physical and mental health through functional workouts, breathwork, trigger point therapy, and eastern yoga, which can be easily implemented in modern busy lives.

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