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Jackie Murphy
Columbus, OH, USA

There is beauty in how a simple act like a letter can make a person's day brighter. When I was a teenager, I wanted to work for Hallmark. I guess sometime early on; I had learned that creativity has the power to make an impression and bring people together.

After I became a mom, I started The Queen Bee Paper Company, a personalized paper goods company. The company took off, and it quickly got to a point where I knew I couldn't run it out of my home anymore (and not just because shipping boxes and paper were EVERYWHERE).

I learned quickly that getting help from others is what makes things work. I hired other stay-at-home moms who could help sell, package, and run the business. During this time, I found myself starting to help other entrepreneurs start their businesses and organizing curated shows to support my fellow creatives.

When I closed the doors on my paper company (after 12 years), I was ready for the next entrepreneurial journey. It wasn't a big leap to see that my knowledge of social media, event planning, and graphic design, pulled together with my decades of experience as an entrepreneur and creative, would really help businesses.

Now, as Queen Bee Jackie, I creatively connect people on a much larger scale than just a greeting card. I've had the honor of working with countless businesses and nonprofits over the years to help them build a strong community around their brand. It gives me the joy to be a valued partner!

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