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Rainbow Raaja

Rainbow Raaja
Bonney Lake, WA 98391, USA

Life is a spectrum of experiences. With its highs and lows, we take our body and mind on a Rollercoaster. Find someone who offers services to help you processes those highs and lows on all levels. Rainbow Raaja supports balancing your emotional, mental, inspirational, physical and spiritual wellbeing so you can truly feel empowered and supported no matter what twist or turn you find yourself in.

Combining services like life coaching, reiki, meditation, manual stretching, art and music therapy and shamanic healing, you will enjoy a unique and customized session each and every time you visit. Leaving you with new skills to apply to your life, new inspiration and perspectives and big energetic changes that will help propell you forward in your daily life. Let Rainbow Raaja guide you through the steps to build a life you can be proud of and excited to enjoy.

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