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How to Talk About Race in the Workplace

Ryan C. Warner
Ryan C. WarnerPublished on October 12, 2022

Hi Friends!

During this week's newsletter we recognize that to maximize an organization's success and competitiveness, it is essential that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) be embraced and appreciated. However, many workplaces may struggle with facilitating productive dialogue on aspects related to DEI, especially those involving race. Facilitating these conversations may be challenging and may often involve tension, conflict, and fear, all of which contribute to discomfort.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to have more productive conversations about race in the workplace, check out a published article on Psychology Today by our CEO, Dr. Ryan C. Warner.

Additionally, this week Dr. Warner spoke about microaggressions in the workplace at the National Apartment Association's (NAA) 2nd Annual DE&I Awareness Week. There were over 100 attendees! Thanks to everyone who participated.

If you were not able to attend this event, we have an upcoming event on how to address microaggressions in clinical practice for mental health professionals taking place October 19th. Feel free to register!

Interested in having Dr. Warner speak for your organization? Just let us know! Check out our website to learn more about our offerings.

Whether you’re new to RC Warner Consulting or have been friends with us for a while, each week’s newsletter will provide free knowledge and resources related to leadership, diversity, and wellness for individuals within various industries.

Stick around for more next week!

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