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Rebecca Taylor
Toronto, ON, Canada

The heartfelt call to share the taste of home is what led to the creation of Ready To Go Foods, featuring Miss 'P' ready to use Caribbean Flavours of cooking sauces, paste, condiments, marinates and custom gourmet spice blends. Modifying and expanding on recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother, Rebecca spent six years experimenting with spices and flavours and sharing untold numbers of lovingly prepared meals with friends and family. The culmination of all those meals can be found in any of Miss 'P's ready to use products.

Miss 'P' products were specially created for people who have travelled to the Caribbean, and have enjoyed the foods, but don't know how to cook it, also for people with busy lifestyle who want to enjoy Flavourful Caribbean dishes in their own kitchen, without spending a lot time slicing, dicing or blending herbs and spices.

If you’ve been to the Caribbean, you know the taste... A blend of spicy and sweet reminiscent of blue skies, white sands and tropical breezes. What others describe as a fusion of exotic and delicious, Rebecca calls it a taste of home, and it is her greatest pleasure to share these with you.

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