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It’s Time to Rethink FIT!

Rethink Fitness
Rethink Fitness Published on June 11, 2022

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Mindy & Jeffrey pioneered what is now known as the natural bodybuilding culture, physique, and fitness model industries. By way of the FAME World Tour, World Natural Sports Organization and the BodyPROUD Movement, they provided pathways & platforms — events, expos, magazines & TV shows — for over 20,000 people to transform. 

What they came to discover is that the fitness industry is far from fit. Looking fit doesn’t mean feeling fit.  Appearing like a superhero doesn’t mean feeling like one. After a decade-long quest to fill those voids and course correct, they discovered that health and happiness do not come from strength & appearance alone. It requires self-loving attention for our mental, emotional, social, spiritual & functional parts too. 

Having been personally mentored by leading minds in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, spirituality, business & healing therapies, Jeffrey and Mindy are now experienced in self-healing, non-surgical bodywork therapy, personal training, nutrition coaching, Reiki healing, physique assessments, Thai yoga massage, NLP, mind mapping, and life coaching. They currently consult for Wellness Industry businesses and professionals. 

Now they are finally ready to pass on their wisdom to a wider audience, so you too can rethink FIT! 

Get on the waitlist now to get empowered by a collection of specialists, innovators and pro athletes who all came to realize that being fit goes well beyond appearance. Rather, it is about Self Love. Learn how you can embrace it too!

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