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The Waitlist is Over!

Jennifer Rovet
Jennifer RovetPublished on June 24, 2022

Hello again!

Thank you to everyone who joined the waitlist for my new Let's Get Retire Ready newsletter.

I was overwhelmed by the response and am happy to let you know that the waitlist is over. You can now subscribe!

Here is what you'll receive with your subscription:

- Retirement 101 - insight and discussion into retirement issues ranging from planning, identity, purpose, relationships, health, aging and much much more!

- Reflections From A Retiree - each month hear from a fellow retiree and learn what they did in order to make their transition meaningful and right for them.

- Today's Advice For A Better Tomorrow - get great advice and tips from a retiree who is living their best life!

- Q&A video - watch a short video featuring me where I'll answer common questions that I'm often asked.

- Article - each month I'll include an interesting article or study done on topics such retirement planning, finding purpose, downsizing, health and money matters to name a few. These articles are not only interesting but will educate you on this important topic.

To start your subscription, just click the Subscribe button below. And thank you again for helping me spread awareness, educate and provide happiness to those embarking on this next chapter of life.

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Let's Get Retire Ready Newsletter

$6 /month

If you ever have questions regarding anything you read in the newsletter, feel free to email me or visit my website.

I'm looking forward to going on this great journey with you.


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