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Robert Nabors
Maplewood, MN, USA

I'm a Cosmetologist specializing in men's haircuts and women's shortcuts. My customers are made up of all ethnic groups from all age ranges. My pro tip is always to take kids as new customers because if they feel safe in your chair, you will have a client for a lifetime as well as their kids if you're blessed to be in this industry that long.(I'm currently on cutting families 4th generation)

I started working on my business at the age of 11,but not realizing this until I looked back because that’s when I started cutting hair. What started me working on my business was the fact I had no control over parts of my career by working under someone else’s rules.I felt like I had no room for growth.I am motivated by making people feel their very best every single time they sit in my chair.And as of July 25th myself and a good friend/client released our self titled Podcast “The Rob & Cory Show” .On this Podcast we will be discussing life topics such as Health, Family,Business as well as having guest appear periodically.And last but not least I am proud to announce the release of my 1st Autobiography titled “The Story of Robert Nabors”.The book will go on Pre-Sale December 13th, and will be released on March 13th , 2023 on my 11 year Kidney Transplant Anniversary which I share with my Kidney Donor Bobby Nabors, who also just happens to be my father🙏🏾.

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