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Healthier Happier You update

Roger Davies
Roger DaviesPublished on August 28, 2021

So, as I mentioned earlier this week, we've got a HUGE update coming to the "Healthier Happier You" subscription.

In a nutshell, it's all the tools you need to learn, track, tweak and succeed at creating your healthiest and happiest life.

From Monday 31st August it will be LIVE! (as long as I've got your name and email address,... ideally your date of birth and contact phone number too). From that date you will have access to the recipes, meal plans, a selection of workouts, the food diary, the progress photo log, educational material and more. The great thing is, the content will just keep on growing and getting better too!

Watch this video to see a little bit about what you'll be getting as part of your monthly subscription...

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Where else are you going to get all the tools and support you need to build your healthiest and happiest life, accessible from any device, from a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist, for just £12 per month?

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