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If "sitting is the new smoking"...

Roger Davies
Roger DaviesPublished on April 12, 2021

...then ancestral resting postures are the cure.

so, what's the problem with sitting?

We're told that sitting is the new smoking. That Prolonged periods of sitting carries health risks, health risks that are not offset by "exercise".

Follow this link for more details

Why isn't exercise the cure? Because exercise is small isolated movements performed repetitively for a fairly short portion of our day.

So, if exercise isn't the cure, then what is?


Huh, isn't exercise movement?

Yup. But not all movement is exercise.

Try this, think about which bits of you move during the day, and which bits of you remain in a "fixed geometry", think about which bits you move during "exercise" and through how much range of motion those bits actually move, AND, think about which bits of you remain fixed, or never fully flex or extend and so on, while you exercise.

So, how do we make sitting healthier? We copy our ancestors. They didn't have chairs, they USED their mobility, so they didn't LOSE their mobility.

How can you get started? See the image below for some ideas to make your "sitting" healthier...

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