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Roger Davies
Roger DaviesPublished on December 08, 2021

This Saturday, I'm putting aside a few hours to do coaching calls with my Gold subscribers. That includes YOU!

In this call we'll start to get clear on your goals and set you up with your own profile on our Healthier Happier Humans app.

Theres nothing this app CAN'T do...

Log workouts ✅

Log nutrition ✅

Log weight and measurements ✅

Log progress pictures ✅

Plus you'll have access to...

Over 100 workouts ✅

Over 150 recipes ✅

Video and PDF coaching content covering mindset, training, nutrition, recovery and MORE! ✅

So what are you waiting for? Select the half hour coaching call from my sessions and let's make 2022 your healthiest and happiest year on this planet so far!

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