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ROOT 23 Launches the Master Mixologist Subscription Kit

Leah Monaghan
Leah MonaghanPublished on September 16, 2022

ROOT 23 is excited to announce that we are launching the Master Mixologist subscription kit! This kit ships quarterly and each curated box will contain two, 200 ml bottles of our all-natural, flavored simple syrups, a bag of rimming salt, and 2 recipes to help inspire you.

ROOT 23 specializes in inventive flavor combinations that are so versatile that they pair well with almost any spirit. So whether you are a vodka lover or a bourbon aficionado, ROOT 23 will help you craft delicious cocktails to share with friends and family. And the best only need a couple of ingredients that you already have on hand to make a delicious cocktail/mocktail.

Simple Syrups, Simple Cocktails!

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