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Rose Composite

Alicia Rose Becker
Lake Oswego, OR, USA

I am the founder of the Rose Composite, and my customers are quite varied though they generally have an understanding that there is a part of life that is inherently spiritual. There is magic in the air, and blessings are everywhere. Regardless of your beliefs, most people can recognize that within each one of us, there is a part that is eternal, a part that wanders into our dreams. We have seen things that just couldn't be true, yet they are. We know it only because we saw it with our very own eyes. These are my customers.

I mostly just talk to people, usually over the phone. My clients are scattered around the world, and all the work I do can be done remotely. I talk with animals mostly, all mammals included. I communicate beyond realms and share messages to ease our experiences here in this world. I share what didn't get said at the moment, or perhaps messages that didn't quite get through properly. On occasion, there are prescient warnings. Regularly we talk about past lives, or I facilitate energy healing.

Each day I am motivated by the people I serve. I am honored to be a conduit for messages and healing. I jokingly say I am a glorified telephone to the other side. I started out by learning to speak openly, and to my surprise, the response was phenomenal - hearing so often, "how did you know that?". A friend had invited me to an animal communication course, and after that, I began taking it more seriously. After channeling as medium several times, it was clear that I had dramatically altered people's lives for the better. Regardless of my trepidation, it was a duty more than a desire to become the founder of the Rose Composite.

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