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Roshelles Spice Blends

Roshelle Zielinski
Sussex, NJ 07461, USA

Chef Roshelle Zielinski wanted to bring back the true meaning of cooking without the heavy salt and preservatives. Our Spice Blends are suitable for everyone no matter their dietary restrictions or allergies. Roshelle's Spice Blends are a prefect combination of dehydrated herbs, barks, roots and all things natural... things you can pronounce and enjoy.

Our Spice Blends are layered with a mirage of flavors that contributes to an unforgettable meal that will leave your palate dancing and wanting more. 

All our spice blends are:


🍚🚫Salt free.

🚫 Calories.


🌿Plant base.


Made Fresh.

Made with high-quality ingredients.

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