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Rynski Life Coaching + Reiki

Ryn Gargulinski
Cape Coral, FL, USA

I swear. Write kooky books. Spend way too much money on dog toys and crystals. Laugh so loud it makes people turn and stare.

And dammit, I’ve never been happier.

I didn’t get drunk, get stalked, get homeless and then get sober and spiritual just to sit on my butt and play the Scrabble app (although I do that on weekends).

I’m here to help other people fall in love with and rejoice in who they really are. To break out of their self-made cocoons. To discover and live in their purpose. To experience more laughter and light.

This life is mine and I’m claiming it. How much longer before you claim yours, too?


Rynski Success Highlights:

--In recovery from alcohol since 1999

--Living spiritual life since 2000 (had to convince me it worked :)

--Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, USUI Reiki method ofnatural healing

--Certified Professional Life Coach, International Association ofProfessional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC)

--Certified Recovery Coach, IAPRC

--MA in English literature, Brooklyn College, thesis onfolklore of NYC subway workers

--BFA in Creative writing with French minor, BrooklynCollege

--9 Published books

--18+ Awards, including best feature column in Arizona,best humor column in New Mexico, funniest person in Brooklyn, others for presentations, news reporting, poetry

--30+ year writing and art career

--5+ years coaching, Reiki and healing career

--Founder of Rynski Life and four other lifestyle brands

--Dog lover, coffee lover, meditation aficionado

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