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Hi. I'm Ryn Gargulinski. But you can call me Rynski

Ryn Gargulinski
Ryn GargulinskiPublished on September 09, 2022

I'm a spiritual coach, consultant, Reiki master, writer, artist, dog lover and healer. But I used to be a morose drunk – who never even had a dog in my life.

Crazy, right?

I can't imagine living without a dog.

How The Heck Am I Sober 23+ Years?

I also can’t imagine still being alive if I had kept on the way I was going – a certain alcoholic death in 1999 at the age of 29.

Drinking was my means of escape. An escape from my anger, fear, resentments, the depressing outer world, and all those other things that I let corrode my outlook on life.

Drinking the pain away worked just fine. Until it didn’t.

Then it turned on me.  

Escaping Hell on Earth

Hitting my bottom was brutal. Alcohol had stopped working. I could no longer get drunk – but I couldn’t stop drinking. All that beer bloat...but not even a buzz!

Even worse was the dispair. The hopelessness. The black hole that had become my life.

That was the worst hell on earth I had ever experienced. The lowest of the low.

The day came when I had two choices: I could either go up or I could go dead.

I went for the up.

It started by reaching up for the spiritual powers of the universe. Asking for help. And then letting it in.

Entering the High-Vibe Zone

The better I got at letting go and letting God, the better my life became. My health improved. Wealth improved. Relationships improved. Creativity exploded. All that deep-seated fear, doubt, resentment and anger was merrily stripped away.

I could once again look in the mirror and not hate what I saw.

My freelance writing and art career was thriving – but I knew that wasn’t the end-all of what I was supposed to be doing.

All this goodness in my life felt TOO good not to share. I needed to help others feel the same way, too.

That’s where Reiki and coaching certifications came in. Both helped me go even higher and gain even more know-how so I could best help others who wanted to break free of their own self-made cocoons.  

Your cocoon doesn't have to include alcohol. You could just as easily be trapped by any combination of so many different things. If I can break free of the trap, so can you.

It's time to move onward and upward, to let the love, light and laughter come in.

Raise Your Vibration, BE Your Best

The overall goal of my guidance is to help you live in a perpetual high-vibe zone. To live life like you mean it. To enjoy (most) every minute. And to look, feel and BE your matter what's going on in the outer world.

All you need to start is a willingness to open the door and let the power of the universe come in. My classes and coaching will show you how.

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