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Sasha Lipskaia

Sasha Lipskaia
Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada

For as long as I can remember, I had an intuitive pull for creative expression and went deeper into holistic healing while coming into harmony with my spiritual essence and true purpose. I was inspired to be of service to others in a similar way that my mentors and coaches have been to me. So I explored various professions, from a communication teacher and social worker to a wellness and mindset coach to a feminist media creator and scholar in my academic graduate work to an intuitive reader and energy worker.

Here we are, twenty years down the road, after I first wanted to learn to lead others into their truth. My many roles, experiences, and multi-faceted education have merged into a holistic style of intuitive coaching work so that I can effectively serve my clients in all areas of their self-actualization journey.

I am inspired to wake up and go to bed, knowing I showed and gave my best self to those I am destined to guide. It is incredible to witness a person share their most profound truth, perhaps for the first time, and we both feel a considerable weight lift from their being. To be privy to someone's insight or epiphany is a gift. I am humbled that I get to coach, teach, write, create videos, and podcasts, write poetry, connect with exceptional people, and keep exploring my work and potential, learning alongside my community.

Being the mirror of someone's beauty and inner power is a gift. Every day I feel deep appreciation that I get to be aware of how incredible human beings and our relationship to ourselves can become.

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