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Carmen Roz
Galicia, Spain

Hello there! My name is Carmen and I am a Singing Teacher and Voice Coach with more than 15 years experience teaching and coaching singers (aspiring and professionals) worldwide. My students and coachees include people from various walks of life like actors (theater and films), rock and world music singers, and, of course people with a crush for Classical Music and Opera and professional singers.

I am a classically trained Mezzosoprano myself, and I was fortunate enough to have the most knowledgeable and supportive teachers. My knowledge is based on their teachings and my own experience as a professional singer and singing teacher. 

If you have tried to sing in the past with no success, not sang at all, or as a result you damaged your voice, please keep on reading.

I have been able to help many people to find their real voice, recover their voices and to find the Joy of Singing. 

During my lessons, I guide you through a series of very simple and scientifically proven exercises (that will show you how to re connect naturally with your voice) you will bring your singing abilities to the next level and will gain total confidence.

My singing lessons online are for you if you want to be able to learn how to control your voice to pleasure and sing confidently and in a healthy way knowing that your voice will be responding to you at any given moment.

You will learn the physics and mechanisms involved in a healthy voice production and will get rid of insecurity and common voice production issues.

I am looking forward to receive you in my Individual and Group Lessons and to help and empower you each step of the road to conquer your own vocal freedom!

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