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Alexis Brunner
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Initially, I began by creating safe and non-toxic products for my baby and myself to use. I then wanted to work with essential oils, so I took an aromatherapy course to learn more. The more I learned about ingredients and products, the more engulfed I became with living more and more natural, and it is very much a lifestyle for me in all aspects. Despite working as a certified dental assistant when I began my journey into creating natural products, I couldn't keep my mind off it. It excited me so much every day that it consumed me! I love every minute of creating natural products; I even find myself daydreaming about it and I live a very natural lifestyle. It truly feeds my soul and makes my heart happy to be creating beautiful, safe products as well as beauty all around me.

I create beautiful and luxurious products that are all-natural without the use of synthetic fragrances or synthetic colors. I want people to feel safe with what they are putting on their skin every day, and I like to use ingredients that have been used for thousands of years that have proven safe for skin absorption countless times. I love the planet we get the privilege to enjoy, and I also like to do my best for the planet. Not only are the ingredients safe for humans, but also for the planet. Although almost impossible to avoid plastics, I do what I can to minimize plastic packaging, and I opt for glass and metal where possible. We really don't need all these toxic chemicals in our daily lives, and you can still live a beautiful life without them! I believe that the chemicals found in our daily lives have a significant impact on the health of our microbiome, which affects our skin, overall health, and immune system. In the near future, I will be discussing more of this in my blog, which can be found on my website.

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