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Introducing An Easier Meditation Plan

Freya  Radlein
Freya RadleinPublished on May 01, 2022

Making space and time for yourself should be fun and easy to do, with the ability to dedicate as much or as little time to your tea as you'd like.  Meditation is one way of doing that; however, I have found that conventional meditation can be intimidating because I was never able to clear my mind and felt I was continually “failing” at it.

When I stumbled upon tea and meditation classes, I found that the combination of being intentional with my tea drinking, creating a sensory experience, and journaling became so much more than a beverage, it nourished my soul.

After that discovery, I decided to curate a quarterly subscription box to share both my love of tea and the benefits I reap from engaging in a regular tea practice. You have complete autonomy over what you want your tea practice to be, but you’ll have a little guidance to get you started.  

For $45 you’ll receive two 1oz packets of tea as well as seasonal products that you can get creative with including bath and body, homeware, and self care items along with journaling and practice ideas.

Support your body and your mental wellbeing, you deserve it!

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