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Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia KieliszkiewiczPublished on December 30, 2021

One thing I have learned so far on my Spiritual Journey, is that I could have never been connected to my spirit without a healthy Body and healthy Mind. At times even an unhealthy mind triggered the spiritual awakening. Whichever came first. Overtime, you come to realize that your healthy connection with your soul allows you too truly be aware of your body so you know how to feed it healthy nutrients. Thus, you are given the tools to function and perform at your most absolute potential. The mind is another complex phenominon- it needs nutrients fed to the brain in order to process every spiritual and mental communication. That spiritual knowing is still in some forms processed by the brain, in order for your mind to receive information, emotions, responses, energy and sensations.

I invite you to try one of my subcriptions, while I take you on a drive through your Body Mind and Soul. My programs will not only help fuel the mechanics for absolute performance, they will help you connect with your deep awareness. Thus you will have better control over your life and how you wish to create it.

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