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Past Self Humbling me - Moon in Leo

Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia KieliszkiewiczPublished on April 13, 2022

Burning up in Flames

“Closing my eyes without a care in this world,And Jumping into the dark abyss.Exploring my own canvas.Inspired to live freely.Happiness is my birthright. Triggered by Joy, Reaching back for what's gone.The universe fills me with oceans of emotions,..Without my Control..Riding the lead of the waves.Multi Passionate,Dream Abundant,Sitting in my fulfillment. "

The moon is in Leo right now, and I am feeling the Fire burn around me. Fixed on an end goal, enthusiastically pursuing a powerful, expansive and creative Lunar self. The moon in Leo allows us to really dig deep into our psyches and act on our emotional and passionate realms. It will be easier to act on impulsive desires and inspirations at this time, which can give us the motivation and push that we need to explore our psyches and mind. As we explore our pleasures and creativity with the Lion by our side. He reminds us, that our strength comes from taming the heated energy with just enough watered emotions to give us steam and clear perception. Leo energy focuses on Will, ("I will" attitude), giving us the push we need to take action and do what we normally would not. With so many energies being in Aries ( Mercury, Uranus, North Node) at this time, the surrounding energy could be explosive, controlive, authoritative and chaotic. So be prepared to duck or stay in your lane, if you are not normally one to compete and take control over a dramatic mass situation. Take lead in your own life, and empower your self during this time, as power hungry hooligans might be just what you come to face :P Thus, it is important to be sure about yourself, and be on the lookout for any distractions and power plays that are not in your space.

On the positive note; the strong Aries placement in Mercury allows you to communicate and express exactly how you wish to control your environment and take the lead of your life. You will become powerful with your voice now, given you are true and honest with yourself and others. You can be inspirational, motivational, with what you say and do, thus be clear about your form of expression. The Aries in Uranus placement welcomes the leaders in this world that wish to create an original change to our planet and collective. It will be easier to embark on new journeys during this time, that involve forms of evolution and revolution. Whether inside or outside your self, strong willed individuals will succeed during this time in transforming their personal lives and the lives of others. There could be some stubborn or eccentric energies that manifest with this, though it is the makeup of our creative intuition.

"Time to lead the way"

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