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Thoughts on a Platter - Unlocking my inner philosopher

Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia KieliszkiewiczPublished on April 21, 2022
"If I could write my soul out everyday, I'd be reaching into the depths of meaning, and no action would be sought,... I believe I've reached bliss again"

Reading back....

Manifested Karma.

How could I think that I deserve better than anyone else. My ego attatched to this idea. And who ends up being wrong in the end if we both lose..

If I could , I would love all beings regardless of how they made me feel.

Everytime I put my ego to the side I feel like I could of done better.

God Within, God Above.

Surrendering to them both, one and the same.

Sometimes I wish I did not feel so much..

But I surrender to its gift, because its in me.

So love is the only way..

I take it all back, and love self.

My soul on a platter.

If God hears all thoughts.

Why do you make me desire you so much?.

So in love...

Only God can replace the unexplainable.

Faith and love; One in the same.

A #Taurus energy just swept me off my feet... <3

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"Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness." - George Santayana (Spanish Philosopher)

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