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Why side hustles don’t work and what to do instead

Stacey Marmolejo
Stacey MarmolejoPublished on July 14, 2022

You’ve tried affiliate marketing, blogging to earn ad dollars, creating a Shopify store and drop shipped from China, private labeled and listed on Amazon, resold stuff on eBay and made cute things to sell on Etsy. 

If you’re lucky, you’ve made a couple thousand dollars.

Why don’t these side hustles work when so many “experts” profess to have made so much money with these part-time side gigs that turned into their new career? 

Let me ask you this; if it made them so much money why did they stop doing it to teach you how to do it? Is it possible that where they really make their money is by selling their courses to people like you and me? 

You have to spend money to make money

The old adage still holds true; you will have to spend some money to start your business.  There really is no way to start a business with no money, even though many bloggers are telling you that you can. 

Here’s a list one writer posted as ideas of businesses you can start with no money AND no experience! 

  • * Carpet Cleaning

  • * Handyman Services

  • * Lawn Service

  • * House Painting

  • * Junk Removal

  • * Mobile Car Detailing

Problem #1: For each of these businesses you are going to need to invest in the tools to complete the work. How are you going to clean carpets without a carpet cleaning machine? Are you going to buy one? Or rent one each time you have a job to do?  Are you going to buy one that’s intended for your own home? How long will that hold up in a commercial environment of running it several times a day? 

House painting requires ladders, brushes and rollers at the bare minimum while you need a lawn mower for lawn services, a trailer to haul junk and I’m not even sure of the tools required for car detailing but I’m pretty sure it takes more than a $2.00 paint brush from Michaels! 

Problem #2: You need business insurance to protect you in case of an accident in a customer’s home. And in some states you’ll need a license to do work in someone else’s home. 

Problem #3: With gas prices the way they are now, how much will it cost you to travel to and from your client’s home? 

Problem #4: How are you going to get the word out that you’re in business? It will take more than posting on your social media.  

Problem #5: How will you receive payments? Unlikely that clients will be willing to paypal/venmo/zelle you money to your personal account for a $3,000 house painting job.  You’ll need a business bank account. In order to get a business bank account you need to have a registered business. In order to have a registered business you have to register it with the state you live in. It isn’t a huge cost if you file yourself instead of using a filing service, but there is a cost. 

Problem #6: I am highly suspicious that you can provide any of these services to an acceptable standard with no experience! 

Ditch the digital hustle and the ridiculous start-ups bloggers are suggesting.

If you really want to own your own business and you must start it on a part time basis, join me in the First Time Entrepreneur Mastermind where I’ll show you how to build a legitimate business that, over time you can convert from part time to full time. And you won’t be buying the business from me so if you’re wondering how I’m different from the others promising to show you a way to make money - that’s the biggest difference.

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