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Step Up Consulting Ltd.

Sara Stepa
Calgary, AB, Canada

Helping organizations secure the funding they need for their missions to thrive.

Sara, the Founder and President of Step Up Consulting and Coaching Ltd. has a passion for bridging the gaps and reducing barriers for communities and organizations to achieve their mission.

When Sara enters a room she brings her bubbly personality, a positive attitude and thrives on the energy of others. She is a natural collaborator and offers specialized expertise around grant strategy and capacity building services for non-profit organizations. She uses storytelling, project development, and strategic thinking to inspire others to continue making their community, and their city, a better place.

Beyond grant writing support Sara hopes to embolden the charitable sector by better equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge they need to navigate the grant landscape effectively and efficiently. Her broader goals involve capacity building, systems change, and learning something new from every one of her clients.

As a writer and a personal growth nerd Sara became a self-published author releasing her first book Choosing Fulfillment is Scary AF: Get Unstuck and Change the Life you Have into the Life you Want, in 2021. Building on the success of her best seller she also empowers others to embrace the power if choice in her own personal coaching business. To learn more about her coaching business visit

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