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Strength and Sunshine

Rebecca Pytell
Delray Beach, FL, USA

Here on Strength and Sunshine celiac disease and food allergies don't get in the way of fun, healthy, and delicious food! You don't have to skip out on your old family favorite meals or your long-forgotten nostalgic childhood snacks, but free to eat unrestricted by using simple swaps and techniques to cook up (even better) recreations of those favorites! Here you'll learn to even expand your palate to experience the vast world of foods, flavors, and ingredients you never even knew existed!

So, who am I? I'm Rebecca and I’m so excited that you stumbled onto my little corner of the internet! On Strength and Sunshine, you’ll find the best gluten-free and allergy-friendly recipes, helpful tips and advice for navigating celiac disease and food allergies, and coaching services, all with a side of fun and a little snarkiness!

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