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Sugarsweet Bakery

David Benton
Oakland, CA, USA

Owner Pastry Chef David Benton started Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio in 2009 baking in his duplex kitchen in East Oakland. Self-taught with only youtube tutorials and baking books to guide him, David spent the next few years perfecting recipes and selling his scrumptiously beautiful pastries online from his duplex.  Combining his love for delicious old fashioned baked goods with a modern artistic twist on design--Sugarsweet became a sought-after success making it one of the busiest online bakeries in the Bay Area.

Our mission is to simply provide baking that is real and uncomplicated.  We stay true to scratch baking traditions, never using chemicals or preservatives.  Everything we serve is handmade in our own kitchen and designed by the most talented and creative pastry chefs.  Stop by Sugarsweet and see for yourself how Twentieth-century baking meets Twenty-first century design.

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