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Gina Fontaine
Denver, CO, USA

Gina Fontaine is an Author, Speaker and SuperMom Mentor.  For over 30 years, Gina has been on the cutting edge of body / mind fitness. She is passionate about whole body wellness and living a thriving, successful and satisfied life.

A good Mom always puts her kids first. That's the line of thinking that left Gina burned out, yelling at her three kids and struggling through a messy divorce. The end of each day found her energetically limping to the finish line, grateful for just one more day done.

Until she decided there had to be a better way. Gina freed herself from the yoke of being "a good mom". In the process, she discovered 5 Supermom Myths that leave Moms stressed out, burned out and no fun.

 Gina's Supermom system pairs actual total health and wellness with fitness. She helps women recover their excitement for life, reclaim their sexy mama self, and step into a moresatisfying life. 

Take the quiz. Find out your supermom type and match your exercise to your personality. 


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