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Self-Rediscovery Life Coach

Tanya Mitra
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Tanya Mitra is a Self-Rediscovery + Empowered Change Life Coach that works with Women of Color + Women of Immigrant Descent, to permanently shake out of stuck-ness, get deep on self-awareness + self-love and to gain the confidence and clarity to create lives they love to live (imperfections, kids, chores, challenges, and all!)

Partner, mama of 2 / stepmama of 3, music lover, world-traveler + 5-language speaker, Tanya is based in Brooklyn, NY, but was born in Toronto to East-Indian parents. She left a 15+ year career as an executive in luxury fashion to pursue her true passion of supporting other strong, ambitious women of color to step into their power and their purpose, unapologetically.

Through her signature methodology, THE 7C CYCLE - Self-Rediscovery for Empowered Change, Tanya takes her clients from feeling unfulfilled, confused and spinning-in- the-same, to courageous, confident and clear, equipped with the thoughts, beliefs and renewed self-concept to create empowered change in all areas of their lives.

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