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The Blossom Bar

Dori Bell
Manhattan, KS, USA

My name is Dori Bell, and I'm the aromatherapist and creative force behind the Blossom Bar. The Blossom Bar is an aromatherapy practice on a mission to provide customized, holistic solutions for your daily wellness and to provide education on the safe, sustainable use of essential oils. I am passionate about the beauty and power of essential oils, the science behind them, and their ability as catalysts for the gentle transformation of well-being on all levels.

Aromatherapy captured my heart back in the "olden times" of 1996. As I learned more about this beautiful and healing art and saw how much the aromatherapy blends I made helped my friends, family, and myself, my attitude turned from "what a fun weekend hobby" to "what would it be like to do this all day long?!" I noticed that in my personal and professional life, I was beginning to reconnect to my creativity, passion, and spirit, things that had been almost forgotten in my day-to-day grind. My passion for helping others reconnect to natural, holistic means of self-care is what fuels me to this day.

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