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What are the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine?

Dori Bell
Dori BellPublished on July 20, 2022

You know when you’re in that effortless flow of expression that has you feeling like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be? You’ve tapped into the divine feminine energy within you.

Or that feeling of confidence and focus you get when you’re doing something that you know you’re meant to do? That’s your divine masculine energy. 

When we talk of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, we are speaking of qualities within us all that we can embody. The terms are not about gender or sex. We can each access both, and in doing so can step into the flow and direction of unhampered creativity and expression.

The Divine Feminine, or Sacred Feminine, calls us to be, pause, reflect, dig deep roots, and nurture. Our intuition is the gift of the Divine Feminine. The act of creation, of gestating an idea and then birthing it, is the realm of the Divine Feminine. 

The Divine Masculine, or Sacred Masculine, instills in us courage, direction, focus, and confidence. It has us stand up for what it right, and protect our boundaries. Acting on our intuition is the realm of the divine masculine.

 Another way of illustrating the roles of these two energies is as follows: the Divine Feminine is the river and the Divine Masculine is the riverbank.

The Divine Feminine energies within us flow with creativity and the Divine Masculine energies provide necessary boundaries and structure.

Too much masculine shows itself as aggression and domination. Too much feminine shows as stagnation and disempowerment. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine cannot exist without each other, and they are both within all of us. A balance of the two energies results in inner harmony and bringing new ideas into the world. An imbalance leads to frustration, stress, and creative impotence.

Divine Masculine energy helps you put your ideas out into the world. It’s behind healthy boundaries, making change, taking risks. It’s outward focused and yang. When you embody aspects of the divine masculine you are deeply connected to your inner warrior and able to fight for what you believe. It’s about assertiveness, confidence, structure, logic, critical thinking, boundaries, and protection.

Divine masculine energy directs outwards, and gets things done. It is loyalty, adventurousness, strength, and rationality. It’s doing.

Ideally the divine masculine listens to the divine feminine’s intuitive wisdom then acts on it with confidence.

I am a warrior

I am a master of self-discipline

I am confident

I know when to take action

Divine feminine is cyclical energy, directed inward. It’s about the gestation and birth of ideas. It’s reflective (like the moon) and internal. It’s yin. It’s your ability to nurture, assure, and receive. It’s compassion, intuition, flexibility, gentleness, expression, wisdom, patience, emotions, and flexibility. It allows for faith. It is heart-centered and is powerfully loving.

It’s focused on the needs of others. It’s collaborative, creative, sensual, kind. It’s being.

Ideally the Divine Feminine births the creation or idea, then trusts the Divine Masculine to put it out into the world with confidence. 

I access the stillness within

I am comfortable in the pause

I am a work of art

I am tranquil, yet untamed

I honor the cycles within me

I create

One of the most powerful aspects of my work as an aromatherapist comes from my process of connecting to the Divine Feminine as I work. I co-create with the divine God.

For many years the concept of a powerful feminine force, which I came to realize is the Divine Feminine, has shown itself (herself, more like) in my life. It started with reading Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd, whose story of her journey from Christian pastor’s wife to deep immersion in the sacredness of the Feminine spirit, uncovered my own deeply buried truth.

Further reading of Meggan Watterson’s books Reveal (a book that both broke and healed my heart) and Mary Magdalene Revealed, along with Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés and the whole Mists of Avalon series by Marion Zimmer Bradley, plus everything by Barbara Brown Taylor (especially Learning to Walk in the Dark) and a long list of other divinely inspired books by divinely inspired writers, further opened my eyes and heart to the powerful constancy of the feminine aspect of God.

We live in a time of great power and potential. The time for understanding, exploring, and embracing the Divine Feminine inside us is now. She is there throughout time in the myths and spiritual traditions of the Goddesses and Holy Spirit. Wisdom, intuition, understanding, compassion, fertility, ascension, balance, healing, creativity… all describe aspects of the Divine Feminine. Doesn’t that sound like exactly what the world needs? Perhaps what you need?

I invite you to read about and explore the divine energies around us. The Creativity Kit is designed to help call forth the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and bring harmony into your life. Learn more about this collection of aromatherapy and other tools to help you foster, focus, and free your creativity.

Art: Luc-Olivier Merson, Diana the Huntress

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