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How Burnout Can Help You Find Happiness

The Burnout Clinic TBC
The Burnout Clinic TBCPublished on May 25, 2022

Everyone feels burnout at some point in their lives. What makes burnout unique is that it can be a sign that you are unhappy with your current situation. If you are feeling this way, it may be time to take action and find happiness.

Burnout is one of the few mental and emotional health challenges that is a metaphor itself in its name.  You might sometimes hear it as:

Burning the candle at two ends

The flame inside you has been extinguished. 

At The Burnout Clinic, we help conscious leaders and professionals quickly recover from burnout over a two-day clinical burnout recovery retreat.  With our program, we focus on addressing the root causes of burnout, primarily releasing the driving destructive beliefs that keep people stuck, processing suppressed emotions, and resolving inner conflicts.

If there is one commonality among those who have successfully overcome burnout is reconnecting to deep unmet needs and letting go of a lifestyle that brings little meaning and fulfillment.

If done correctly, it's a truly unique transformational and transcendental experience.

Since we take an evidence-based approach, the clear resulting outcome is regaining back mental and emotional bandwidth and a deep clarity on how to navigate your career and other areas of life in an energy-enriching way, unique to who you are.

The secret to finding happiness?  You don't need to find it at all.  It's a natural state of being that gets conditioned out of us.  Once those unconscious patterns and programs are removed, you'll naturally emotionally re-regulate and can easily tap into the state of happiness.

“I often despair how my entire days of existence are snatched away from me for work’s sake instead of time being spent with my loved ones.” - Legolas

What are some important elements that connect you to deep happiness and fulfillment? 

1. Clearing the limiting beliefs associated with your nervous system

Your nervous system is like an intricate electrical wiring that sends signals for all our conscious and unconscious behaviors, influenced by our mental, emotional and physical states of being.

When it comes to burnout and the feelings of:

+ Fatigue and Exhaustion

+ Chronic worry and anxiety

+ Having a negative outlook and being overly critical

+ Loss of passion, productivity, creativity, and focus

+ Depression and having a crisis of identity

We lose access to our higher functions and states of being such as connection, creativity, love, and joy.  Instead, we get locked into two predominant modes of operation:

Fight or Flight:  What you might know as a survival mode where you're constantly solving or avoiding problems, always on edge, and standing by.

Rest and Recovery: Exhausted and catching your breath, licking your wounds in preparation for the next battle.

While you can mindlessly drone through your days with your safeguards and routines, a career and life in these two modes of operation can feel very empty and unfulfilling, regardless of material success.

Being burned out feels very soulless. 

The biggest challenge we face when addressing our beliefs is we attempt to consciously rationalize and think our way out of it.  Unfortunately, our beliefs operate at the unconscious level that governs our behaviours.

That's why we could know exactly what's draining our energy, yet we automatically fall into our bad habits.  Reconditioning out of your burnout habits with spaced repetition is emotionally draining and requires substantial willpower when willpower and emotional capacity are already limited.

These are some of the common driving beliefs that burn us out:

I'm not enough, I don't deserve it, I'm not worthy, I'm not loved.

As simple as they are imprinted in our early childhood, we live a life endlessly running away from our pains instead of moving towards our goals.

We use processes like NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) at our clinic to effectively help you change your beliefs at the unconscious level so you can stop the compulsive drive that keeps you stuck in the mode of burnout and connect you with empowering beliefs to move you forward in your career and life.

2. Mental and Emotional State Regulation

At The Burnout Clinic, we define burnout as when you expend more energy than you can recover, as a habit.  It's about energy management of your unconscious patterns, behaviors and habits.

In other words, the process of mental and emotional regulation is turned on in a way where you're trending towards and accelerating into an energy deficit. 

One key aspect of how we effectively address burnout is by quickly releasing suppressed emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt.  From mild emotional triggers to deep trauma.

We require energy to suppress emotions.

So you can imagine why when we learn to suppress our emotions to make it to another day, but don't take the time to properly process them, it can create some major stress-related health issues.

You can be tired and exhausted by doing nothing.

By constantly numbing our feelings, we also lose the ability to connect to meaningful feelings and emotions like happiness, joy, love, creativity, and passion.

One of the most effective NLP tools we use for releasing suppressed emotions from the nervous system is MER (Mental Emotional Release).

We can help people process their emotions quickly without reliving painful memories with little to no remission, including deep-rooted suppressed emotions like trauma.

Once the emotions are processed, the body can begin to naturally recover.

3. Personal Values Shift

Our values inform how we want to spend our time and what's important to us.  They are a foundation of our identity and our blueprint of what brings meaning and fulfillment in our lives.

An interesting positive side effect of our breakthrough work is once you complete our two-day burnout intervention, your driving values change.  You gain access to a new internal outlook of what brings you joy, meaning, and happiness.

With a clear understanding of your values, you can begin to re-design your career and life with a new outlook and fully align it with how you output your energy.  In other words, you feel alive again with clear instructions on how to keep it and communicate it with yourself and others.

We know that the root cause of burnout isn't just workplace-related because as you realize your driver values in all areas of your life, our clients deeply transform to bring deep meaning, passion, and joy in their careers, family, relationships, health, and growth.

Burnout can help you find happiness if you take the steps necessary to fix your situation. Do not let burnout continue to hold you back from living a happy life.

If you want to learn more about our signature burnout retreats and rapid burnout recovery processes, feel free to book a free consultation with our qualified team at:



Written by: Duncan So, C.Ht, MMER, MNLP

Co-Founder & Executive Director at The Burnout Clinic

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