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On a Mission to End Burnout in and out of the Workplace πŸš€

The Burnout Clinic TBC
The Burnout Clinic TBCPublished on April 07, 2022

It's a moonshot mission...

But neverless an important one because chances are if you're reading this, either you're feeling the heat of burnout or somebody you know is.

The stats... pre-pandemic 2018 burnout was hovering at 40%, now as of 2022 floats around 75%...

That means, you're not alone.

I also say this because I was once burned out in a time when burnout was something only doctors and front line workers struggled with...

For me, I thought I was having a quarter life crisis and I nervous picked my entire right eyebrow off and imploded my long term relationship.

It's different for everyone else.

And stressful, to the point when stress is the new normal.

Now it's turned into a social and workplace phenomena for those who still continue to "industrialize" work in "fast paced" work environments.

Fancy for saying, treating human beings like machines in ever-changing conditions.

What's more profound is, "work" isn't just like our careers and jobs, it can be outside of it...

"Working" on our relationships, supporting family needs, health, etc...

And IF you're feeling burn out, it could mean different things:

- Fatigue and Exhaustion

- High Anxiety, Panic, Emotional Volatility

- Constant Negative Outlook and Nagging

- Loss of Performance and Passion

- Lost, aimless and depressed

- Full blown crisis of identity

However you experience it, the common denominator is it mentally and emotionally drains you to the point that you can't willpower and self-care your way to your salvation.

So often we're left without the skills to turn it around and up against a hustle culture that might alienate you and even gas light you for thinking your crazy for a career and life that's free of chronic stress.

At the Burnout Clinic, we define burnout as:

When you use more energy then you can replenish as a habit.

And we have some pretty cutting edge fast interventions that can clear the suppressed emotions, destructive thoughts and beliefs, and inner conflicts that drive your burnout at the root cause.

Now, what makes us different isn't just that we're experts and effective in recovery and offer some pretty life changing WOW experiences with our Signature Burnout Retreats.

(Yes prevention and recovery are two very different functions)

We help to re-empower everyone that comes out of it with their symptoms gone and a complete measured shift in identity!

You're a new person, with liberated mental and emotional capacity and have a completely new outlook on life.

And by empower I mean you can take the experience and turn that into a set of skills you can use on the day to day.

But why you might ask...?

We want to show how transformative and life changing burnout recovery is...


How simple it can be with the right set of tools and skills, so each person who has recovered are equipped to be champions for wellbeing, encouraging and inspiring others who are feeling similar struggles...

Know they are not alone and that they can recover just as easily.

Beating burnout at the individual level takes a little skill...

But beating burnout at a systemic level takes leadership.

Not just intellectual leadership, rather LIVED experience leadership leading by example, with heart and with results.

So our mission at The Burnout Clinic is:

To redefine the workplace as a vital community to empower the way we work.

And if you're feeling the heat of burnout, we would love to be of service to you and invite you to join us on our mission to end burnout for you, your workplaces, your family and community! #TranscendTheHustle

Written by: Duncan So, C.Ht, MMER, MNLP, Co-Founder & Executive Director at The Burnout Clinic

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