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How to Keep Feeling Good (and Prevent the Low that Follows)

Rachel Miller
Rachel MillerPublished on September 06, 2022

When things are going well, you feel good. You’re excited. Happy. Your energy is high. Then reality sets back in, and you feel the pang of realization that it’s almost over. It’s soon back to “normal.” Good feelings–like all feelings–pass. Is there a way to maintain it? Is there a way to prevent the low that follows? Is there a way to prevent the loss of feeling good after a good thing happens?

Try this:

  • Remember with excitement and anxiety the response is always the same: Slow your thoughts down. Focus on the present. No matter what you’re doing, no matter how you feel, focus only on what’s directly before you–what you are doing right here, right now.

  • When you’re feeling good, it’s a greater challenge. When you’re looking forward to something, it’s easier to get distracted. Happiness only exists in the present. Look for the quiet joy that is suspended in this moment. What small, simple reward exists right here, right now?

  • This is your cue to slow down: the rising tide of emotion—even if it feels good! Especially if it feels good. Another cue: the pressure or urgency behind your actions—even when it involves something good! Pause. Take a breathe. Sit quietly for a moment. Consider:
    • Where is your mind? Bring your mind to here. Now. This body, this action.
    • Remind yourself: There is not better than here. There is no place or time that I will be happier than right now. I can only be as happy as I am now.
    • You can’t be anywhere else than here. Make the most of it! Immerse yourself in it, because you never know what “later” brings–you never know! You might look back and realize this was the best moment of your day. Appreciate it while it lasts.

  • When tomorrow comes and the excitement is gone. When the reality sets in and it’s back to the “real world” again, it’s easier to prevent that “low” that follows when you’ve been practicing all along. When you’ve been redirecting your mind repeatedly to focus on the present. Keep doing what you’ve been doing all along: slow your thoughts down, focus on the present. Practice in the moments of excitement and you will find it that much easier to continue through the moments that follow.

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