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The Crystal Wolf - Cosplay Props Makeup and Wig-Styling

Erin Kirkwood
Scotland, UK

Hi! Welcome to my page. I'm a prolific, extremely passionate cosplayer who has experience in mostly everything cosplay-related. I'm experienced with foamwork, sewing, worbla, electronics, wig-styling (I literally have hundreds of wigs), leatherwork, prop-making, cricut, template-design, patterning and what is requested most from me, my accuracy/character makeup. I like to make myself look like the character I am portraying! I've been called everything from "shapeshifter" to "sorceress" to "Mystique" or my favourite being "T-1000." But I do also do more creative cosplays too and put as much emphasis on my costumes as I do my makeup. My cosplays range from Xena: Warrior Princess to Wonder Woman to Pennywise to Alex Vause! I have done so many cosplays I lost count.

I've also been on the cover of Cosplay Community Magazine, the Red Sonja Vol. 5 #6 comic, I've even been in Marti Pellow's recent music video, in cosplay! I've won and been a judge in many competitions and have great inside knowledge of what can make a winning costume. And guess what? I am trained as a Design and Technology teacher and a videographer.

I started my Subkit as I want to transfer my knowledge to YOU! My teaching experience and my love of cosplay is just waiting to burst. I have so many things I want to show everyone. I'll teach you everything I know, I'm very in-depth, and I am ALWAYS learning new things. I am trying new techniques for my upcoming projects which are a mix of bigger builds and quicker sewing projects. I will share it all here so you can pick up these techniques and even try them for yourself!

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