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Erin Kirkwood
Erin KirkwoodPublished on November 07, 2021

Welcome to my Subkit, thankyou for visiting my page! I know a lot of you will have followed me for a while and I'm grateful to have such an amazing level of support from you all. If you're only just discovering my work, I'm a cosplayer from Scotland and transform myself into characters! I'm known for my accuracy makeup and costumes, however I enjoy creative projects too and have quite a few under my belt! I finally decided to start this page as I get so many tutorial requests and just never have the time. Wanda and Black Widow makeups anyone?? By starting this I can reach my goal of having my own platform and passing my knowledge onto you.

If you're looking to learn new skills for cosplay, have detailed walkthroughs showing you how I make and style my cosplays, and how you can do this too, you're in the right place! I'm very in-depth with how I explain how to do things so you won't only be shown HOW to do something, I'll explain WHY you do it. I often think this is a key to learning – the understanding of why you are doing something so you can apply it to your own projects. I want to see you learn from me and become more skilled in whatever you are trying to achieve. If this all sounds good to you then subscribe to my plan here

Something most of you won't know about me is I used to teach! I have actual teacher-training. I taught Design and Technology in Scottish high schools for 3 years and whilst I enjoyed it I really wanted to follow another passion of mine. I had some personal things happen in my life and so dropped everything I was doing and took off to London where I studied filmmaking. I learned loads, moved back to Scotland and ended up working for a media company and doing freelance work. In that time, I met my amazing husband.

Then I discovered cosplay in 2016, the game-changer. I used to always wish I had more reason to make Hallowe'en costumes as it was my favourite thing to do. We knew some friends who recommended comic cons so I made a Predator costume as I wanted to do something a bit different and went to my first con with my husband, who went as The Dude from The Big Lebowski! We were a sight to see. I had never felt so passionate about anything before after that. I loved making my costumes, wearing them, meeting new people and getting such an amazing response to my work. I had found my “thing” and I loved that I could do it in my own way in my own time and could wear the projects and have fun in them!

Last year I was quite ill and then once I had healed from my operation we moved to a beautiful house from a 2-bedroom flat. I honestly used to craft on our living room floor, which was a struggle. So it's been a long time coming. And by the way our new house is amazing, I have a full garage to work from for builds and messier work, a really awesome sewing room and also a spacious conservatory I can do shoots in. Now here we are, it's all coming together and I am SO excited. I have so many up-and-coming cosplays, some of you may have an idea of a few of them already. But my list is mega.

I want to make it clear that cosplay is a hobby, it is not actually about accuracy but the representation and celebration of a character and having fun doing it. But if you're like me and want to delve into the world of crafting, accuracy, shape-shifting, even creativity, aspects I consider to be branches of cosplay, then you will definitely find value in what I do. I enjoy accuracy cosplays because I see them as a puzzle. I watch quiz shows most days, I enjoy working things out and problem-solving. So it makes sense to me in why I was so drawn to these skills to become my favourite characters. Plus the feeling when you finish a project and look at yourself in the mirror that first time is something else.

My page will be as inclusive as possible and I will always try my best to include everyone and offer more general makeup tutorials so you can try a makeup for a character I might not have shown. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome on this. I will also show how to make templates that will work with your own body shape so you can make and wear your costume comfortably and with confidence. I want you to embrace who you are. I do a lot of makeup but I really do like my own face, I don't wear a lot of makeup outside of cosplay! I don't have a standard body shape, I ALWAYS need custom-sizing if I buy a cosplay online. Recently I got a costume as a birthday gift and my hips were the XXL size and my waist the Small! But I like my shape and would never change it. Please always embrace who you are.

My plans for my page are that I will offer a minimum of 4 tutorials a month. I am aiming much higher than that but once I get going I will see what is possible. I will film mostly everything I'm working on and break down the process into steps so that they are easy to follow. I may also look into adding other subscription plans in future but I want to see what the general feedback is from you all first. I also want to include my day-to-day progress and anything experimental I'm doing to solve a problem. I should be on more photoshoots soon and you will be the first to see my photos and I will share behind-the-scenes updates.

The price for the subscription is 4 pound, the price of 1-2 coffees. I think it is the right amount to allow me to buy materials and make these tutorials possible whilst still being affordable. I also see this as an introductory price, I will not at any point be offering tutorials for less than this amount so I would get in while you can. You will even get a 7-day trial so you can get a feel for my tutorials and if it's what you're looking for. There is also a referral opportunity where if you get a friend to subscribe, you both get 10% off for 3 months. So talk to your friends, see if this is for them also and then visit Subkit where you can select this option at

I cannot wait to get started, I already have a list of about 22tutorials written down that I have all the materials for so it will be go, go, go!! When I release pics or videos of a new cosplay on Insta/Facebook/TikTok then I will try get tutorials up for those ASAP. You can see what the result is and then can see my process and try it for yourself too!

Can't wait to start! Please watch my welcome video where I explain more about me, my Subkit and why to subscribe x

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