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Steve Kodad
Bradenton, FL, USA

Steve is the owner of THE FENG SHUI CURE, developed for training real estate professionals and homeowners, and the INTRINSIC SCHOOL OF FENG SHUI, that trains and certifies new Feng Shui consultants. His school was created with his partner, Lisa Alban, and has been awarded a GOLD STANDARD ranking by the INTERNATIONAL FENG SHUI GUILD, which is the governing board.  Steve has achieved the highest rank in the Guild as a Red Ribbon Practitioner.  His initial certification was in 2004 and he has received 2 more Feng Shui designations from different schools since.  Steve earned his first college degree in mathematics and taught and coached for 15-years.  He has also received 2 other degrees, one of which is a MS in international business.  After teaching, he became a licensed Realtor in both North and South Carolina for almost 20-years and was a broker/owner of a 34-agent real estate company in Charlotte, NC.  A highly successful listing agent, Steve found Feng Shui to greatly help in the selling of homes and in being able to assist home buyers in finding a home that was not only perfect for his clients but helped them to succeed and be supported.  Both certifications offered, FENG SHUI STAGING PROFESSIONAL and INTRINSIC FENG SHUI PROFESSIONAL have been awarded nationally in the United States, in Canada, and in parts of Europe.  Steve and his wife, Gwen, live in Bradenton, Florida.  He has written 3 books on the subject of Feng Shui and has spoken all over the USA.

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