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Your favorite activist has a wellness practice

Heather Archer
Heather ArcherPublished on July 27, 2022

Recently, I watched a documentary called Uncommon Yogi: The History of Black Americans and Yoga in the United States. It was mind- blowing to discover that some of my favorite activists like, Angela Davis and Alice Coltrane have had a regular yogic practice which has sustained their activism.

It makes sense though. To engage in activism, a solid spiritual practice is required in order to sustain courage, faith, and leadership. Here's a link to the documentary if you want to watch it.

If you are interested in talking your spiritual practice and activism to the next level by integrating it into your work-life, consider applying to The Grind Culture Detox community.

Grind Culture and Abolition

Recently, I was interviewed at the Shift Network's sound healing summit, and I had the opportunity to talk about the connection between grind culture and abolition and also did a sound bath for abolition. Check out the full interview.

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