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The Heartspace

Kelly Keefe
Austin, TX, USA

The Heartspace was established by Kelly Keefe in New York City back in Spring of 2016. It began with her offering 1:1 healing sessions and group cacao ceremonies after her travels and initiations in India, Guatemala, and the US with indigenous elders and leaders.

Quickly the offerings expanded to include coaching and transformational guidance applying her training in personal development, mindset, and nuero-linguistic programming.

The Heartspace Healing Academy opened in 2018 to support others to ignite their healing abilities as well. The Heartspace began and continues to offer trainings in Heartspace Reiki(stemming from Traditional Usui Reiki), Ceremonial Cacao, and Personal Transformation. The Academy has had more than 60 students move through trainings and many are now actively in service within the healing arts.

The Heartspace is built on the principles of:

Community - Empower - Growth - Devotion - Integrity

As of today, The Heartspace provides monthly Reiki trainings, Frequency Therapy, Reiki healing, and several self-led courses, books, and high-vibrational products available to support you in your journey. We understand everyone is somewhere different on their journey, and we want to ensure we are serving you how is best for you.

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