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Marty Hurwitz
Carlsbad, CA, USA

THE MVEye provides market research and strategic consulting for the global gem, jewelry and watch industries.

We've worked with clients at every stage of the pipeline. And we know the person who is the most important part of the equation - the consumer. Nothing sells in jewelry until it sells at retail. And retail is never going to be the same again. Because the consumer is changing everything. The consumer's voice is the only one that counts.

"Demography is showing us the path to the new consumer, defined by three massive spending segments: multicultural consumers, self-purchasing females, and next-generation bridal consumers. The jewelry industry must embrace the new consumer and employ them, create for them, market to them, and provide innovative experiences. He or she who wins the new jewelry consumer wins the race."

- Marty Hurwitz, Co-founder and CEO THE MVEye

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