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New Course - Foundations for Sustainable Jewelry Practices

Marty Hurwitz
Marty HurwitzPublished on October 18, 2022

Christina T. Miller launches first online course

Christina T. Miller

Christina T. Miller Sustainable Jewelry Consulting has launched their first online course, Foundations for Sustainable Jewelry Practices. The introductory course is geared to those just getting started in the jewelry industry, such as jewelry students, recent graduates, new jewelry business owners and staff, and for jewelry industry members who want to establish an essential foundation of knowledge to build from.

“I have seen the need to establish foundational knowledge to grow from. The questions we get daily reflect the noble aspirations of jewelers to find the best solution or source for their jewelry and the reality is, it’s complicated!” - Christina Miller, Founder and Lead Consultant.

The course provides foundational knowledge about the jewelry industry, core ideas and concepts around the supply chain and how materials are procured including an introduction on how to approach responsible sourcing for jewelry makers.

Included in the course are four video lessons with accompanying downloadable resources and external reference links as well as a Student Forum to encourage discussion and peer to peer learning.

The first lesson discusses the industry inherited, where the jewelry industry currently stands, where change is needed and why. The second lesson explains some of the terms the jewelry industry uses, highlighting parts of the language used to discuss issues in the trade and to consumers. The third lesson focuses on materials, offering a basic overview of how jewelry materials are produced.

Finally, the last lesson seeks to review and invite students to take action with ideas about things they can do right away to elicit change.

“This is the course I wish I had had when I first started my solo-preneur jewelry business. We’ve built the course and the content with this wish, held by many others, in mind.” says Ana Brazaityte, Education Director and Consultant.

The course immerses students in core ideas and concepts that establish a mindset for approaching responsible practices for jewelry makers.

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