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The Wedding Report and MVEye Launch New Research Platform

Marty Hurwitz
Marty HurwitzPublished on May 19, 2022

Shane McMurray of The Wedding Report, a premier source of unbiased wedding statistics and wedding market research, and Marty Hurwitz of THE MVEye, leaders in market research for the global gem, jewelry, and watch industries, announced the launch of Today’s Wedding Jewelry Consumer (TWJC) a unique, interactive research platform to help jewelry retailers learn more about and thrive with the next generation of wedding jewelry consumers.

“After someone gets engaged, their next step is to plan the wedding,” said McMurray. “The Wedding Report’s Wedding Cost Estimator captures about a quarter million consumers per year who have just gotten engaged and now seek to understand the cost of their upcoming wedding.”

Hurwitz added: “It’s the perfect time to learn about their recent jewelry shopping experience and their likely future jewelry shopping experience. This is research data that jewelry retailers have never had access to before and it will be extremely valuable for product development, marketing efficiency and sale presentations.”

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