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Top Ten LGD Stories fr JCK 2022

Marty Hurwitz
Marty HurwitzPublished on June 22, 2022

The inside scoop on the top lab-grown stories from this year's JCK show.

The Top Ten LGD stories from JCK 2022

10. Diamond Foundry has left the polished LGD biz...

Martin Roscheisen CEO and Founder of Diamond Foundry (Wikipedia image)

At first it was just a rumor circulating around the show but when the Diamond Foundry polished sales team started approaching competitors looking for new career opporunutinities, it was obvious that the rumors were true. Read more...

9. LGD M/A Money in full swing at all levels of the pipeline

Photodune image

There are now 3 different types of jewelry companies in the LGD world and all 3 were on display at JCK this year. Read more...

8. Blue Nile going back to public (again)

Sean Kell CEO of Blue Nile (Linked In image)

When will these guys make up their minds?

LGDs must certainly be in BN's future if they ever hope to achieve enough margin to achieve ROI for any of their shareholders. Read more...

7. No prime grower can grow it all

WD Lab Grown Diamonds image

As consumer demand for lab-grown diamond continues to grow internationally, it became obvious at this year's JCK show that supply from quality prime growers is in peak demand and a shortage for Q4 of this year is likely. Read more...

6. Men's LGD Jewelry ready to explode- new styles needed

Photodune image

One multi-store jewelry retailer at JCK told me that once they added LGD mens jewelry to their assortment (in store and online) it took over the category from mined diamonds and propelled growth in mens jewelry sales within days. Read more...

5. International distro for LGD expanding

Craig Miller CEO of JC Jewels (Linked In image)

WD Lab Grown Diamonds ("WD"), the first diamond company in the world to be third-party sustainability certified and to achieve 100% climate neutrality, has named Australia-based JC Jewels Pty Ltd. ("JC Jewels") their Authorized Distribution Partner in the Australia and New Zealand markets. Read more...

4. The need for fashion fine jewelry in the lab-grown diamond retail space is acute but where to get the melee?

Heard at the JCK Talks session on LGDs...The white space opportunity for fine fashion jewelry is significant but melee is not available now and not likely to be in the future. So what's a jewelry designer to do? Read more...

3. Retail sales volume of lab-grown diamonds up 10x in 5 years

Photodune image

Jewelry retailers interviewed at the JCK show reported that their LGD sales volumes from 2017 to 2021 had grown 10x and they were expecting continued growth in 2022. Read more...

2. Is the Rap price list finally losing it's importance to the lab-grown diamond sector?

The MVEye image

Prime growers are slowly moving away from back of Rap pricing for LGDs and this was evident at this year's JCK show. Read more...

1. LVMH invests in lab-grown diamonds

This was the shot heard round the world at this year's JCK show and it was loud

Frédéric Arnault (Linked In image)

In THE blockbuster news story of the JCK show, LVMH announced that they had invested in prime grower LUSIX, one of the highest quality growers in the world. Read more...

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