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Who is The Northern Crumpet?

Bethany Wright
Bethany WrightPublished on July 29, 2021

Hello! I'm Bethany Wright. I was born and bred in Manchester, UK. I am a stereotypical lover of gravy, talking to people wherever I go and Oasis (forever praying for a reunion). I am also a BIG foodie. Cliche, maybe, but it's true. And one of my favourite all-time foodie-loves is the Crumpet. Thus The Northern Crumpet was born...

Yes, that's right, the Crumpet. I truly believe that the crumpet is a seriously underrated, underused and underappreciated food. So, I am here to defend the crumpet. To showcase it in all its doughy glory. And to show you that it isn't just butter, jam or Nutella that crumpets should be topped with.

I welcome any and all to sign up to my email list. In doing so, you will join me as I share my crumpet journey and the tales (recipes) I encounter (create) on the way. And whilst you're here, I will also share my breakfast, brunch and maybe even lunch adventures too (because although I'm good with a crumpet, I will need to eat other food and I like to eat and make brunch 🎉).

Want a little taster of what you're going to experience by joining me on this journey (aka signing up to my email list)? Oh, go on then...

The Chilli Crumpet

The Roast Crumpet

The Burrito Crumpet

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