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Take a Moment for Yourself (right now!)

Bianca Mircica
Bianca MircicaPublished on June 27, 2022

Happy Monday thrivers!

Stop what you are doing right now (or as soon as physically possible) and try one of these 3 mindfulness exercises below.  You are being encouraged to take a break from whatever it is you are doing in your busy day and create a moment for yourself.

Be present with a Cup of Tea (or coffee) Sip a cup of tea slowly and be hyper aware in the moment; maybe it is a Deite pouch you received in your thrive box.  What sensations are you feeling?  What do you smell? What flavors do you taste? What sounds do you hear while you brew and sip? Observe all of these sensations and connect them to how you are feeling at this moment.  What color are the tea leaves and the tea once it is brewed? How does your body feel as you sip it? The goal is to try and remain present with yourself and to stop your mind from wandering.  If you feel outside thoughts creeping in, bring your attention back to the tea task.

Candle Meditation Light one of your favorite candles (maybe one you received in your thrive box) and watch the flame flicker + sway back/forth.  This is an active meditation, like yoga, where you use a tool to help you focus and quiet your mind.  Stare are your lit candle for 5-10 minutes and try to quiet your mind- letting thoughts come and go as they please.  Observe your thoughts and try not to judge them

Stillness Take anywhere from 5-20 minutes to focus on either an image, a mantra like, “I have control over how I feel and I feel at peace” for example, or your breath (you can box breathe- a slow inhale for 4 seconds, pause for 4, slow exhale for 4, pause for 4, repeat at least 4x.) and just be still.  You can set a timer for the length of time you wish.  Take note of thoughts that come up and bring your attention back to what you chose to focus on

After you’ve done one of these, just observe how you feel going back into your day.  Maybe journal or jot down what thoughts came up for you, to help release them for the time being and feel more present as you continue your day.  

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