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Thrive this Summer!

Bianca Mircica
Bianca MircicaPublished on June 16, 2022

Happy Summer, thrivers!

Read below for 5 healthy tips to help you thrive during the hot months ahead!

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Create an Exercise Routine: An exercise routine may be one of your new healthy habits to try; Now is the time with the longer days upon us! Start small, and go for a 30-40 min walk and slowly work up to a jog.  It's free and gets your body moving. Before you know it, you might just become a runner!  Any type of class, gym or home workout that you’ve loved in the past would be a great idea to pick up again now and stick with.  

Add more Fruits + Veggies: While so many delicious fruits and veggies are in peak season during the summer, try some new ones, load up the majority of your plate with your faves and make these your summer staples! Make your salads and snacks colorful and creative.  Looking for some yummy ideas? Reach out to for a wellness discovery session to receive recipes, while also learning how to live a healthy lifestyle that works best for you.  

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!: Staying hydrated is ALWAYS important, especially while you're sweating through the summer days and are more active.  They say the right amount of water is about ⅔ of your body weight a day, but if you’re getting in your fruits and veggies, that is extra hydration too.  Always listen to your body but stay ahead of it; by the time you are starting to feel thirsty, dehydration has already begun.  Add in an extra 10-12 ounces of water per 30 minutes of sweating.  Try coconut water or infusing your water with lemon, cucumber or your favorite fruits! Remember that coffee and other caffeinated or sugary drinks dehydrate you, so you’ll want a little more to replace what is lost if you indulge.  

Protect your Skin, from the INSIDE-out: Not only is it important to protect your skin on the outside, but the inside (what you’re eating) is JUST as important, if not more.  For the outside: choosing a natural, mineral block with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is great.  Eating enough anti-inflammatory foods like: Omega 3 healthy fats (salmon, eggs,) healthy saturated fats (coconut oil, avocados, grass fed butter,) leafy green veggies, and other rich antioxidant foods (berries, black and green tea, or certain nuts) are essential.  

Lastly, Get Outside for your Vitamin D! Some sunscreens can block your body from absorbing it, so be mindful of which you are choosing and while we get some from our foods, sunlight is the best way. We store our vitamin D, so be sure to get plenty on these summer days that will last, as the colder months approach.

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