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Work-Life Liberation Coaching Community

Heather Archer
Walnut Creek, CA, USA


Are you in a state of perpetual burnout in your professional life? Does it feel like no matter how hard you work, you’re never able to complete your tasks? Are you used to being the “fixer” or “caretaker” in your job position and feel like you never have enough “me time?

I’m Heather Archer, a certified life coach with specialities in: sound healing, reiki, yoga and Hypnotherapy. My life's mission is to live a liberated work-life while helping my community to thrive.

With an educational background from Smith College and New York University, I weave my academic and organizational background with my work as a healer to create a transformational learning experience for you on your journey to thriving at work. 

Join me for live grouped coaching mastermind with monthly healing circles featuring sound healing, yoga, and hypnotherapy to help you heal from trauma and thrive at work.

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