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Tiny Wick Candles

Tiny Wick Candles
Toronto, ON, Canada

Tiny Wick Candles brings high quality stylish scented candles into your home.

We were founded in 2020 by Wick Masters Mike and Dan who wanted to give their tiny wicks to the world. Tiny Wick believes in creating the most stylish and best-scented candles possible. We source all of our materials from Canadian manufacturers and bring each candle to life in Toronto, Ontario. Each candle is unique because we handcraft our concrete vessels to differentiate ourselves. Nothing matches a Tiny Wick candle and our variety of scents is always evolving.

We offer high quality and stylish candles for everyone to enjoy. We hand pour all of our candles so each one is unique. Our experts hand pick the line of scents to deliver optimal pleasure and relaxation to your home. The wooden wick provides a crackling sound as it burns to mesmerize your ears with euphoria.

We want to provide the world with sleek concrete candles that go with any interior. Our candles fit in perfectly to a modern, rustic, or romantic setting. We hold each candle to a high standard and the wide range of scents will not disappoint.

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